• Easy Electronic Court Filing
    Electronics Signature Solution

    Court e- Orders is the first digital signature based process
    that allows lawyers to submit orders to judges electronically.
  • Developed electronic signature technology
    integrated with a secure web interface

    Call: 1-800-207-6807
  • Image-X’s president Dr. Mohammed Shaikh was recently
    awarded U.S. patent no. 9,294,918

    “Method and system for secure
    remote login of a mobile device”.

    The patent outlines a way to identify
    a mobile device for conducting a secure transaction.

About Courte Orders

Image-X, a digital certificate authority, has developed electronic signature technology integrated with a secure web interface, to allow for easy signing and processing of court documents. Most court systems in the United States still use paper-based workflows. Choosing to continue using this work process increases the pressure on judges, court clerks, and staff by decreasing efficiency and requiring additional work.

Judges, for example, are required to sign a large amount of documentation for each case they hear. Physically signing each of these documents with a "wet" or "ink" signature can be a hassle. Receiving a faxed order, signing the document, and faxing it back can take a substantial amount of time. As a result, judges lose work hours that could be spent hearing additional cases.

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