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Improving Legal Logistics

Court systems across the U.S. use paper-based workflows for signing documents such as Orders, motions, Warrants, TRO etc. Allowing the judges, Court staff and attorney's to electronically signing these documents will gradually eliminate the reliance on paper-based workflows and improve courtroom logistics. Electronic signatures allow court officials to legally sign and send court orders, anywhere within a single state, with a single click. The process will save judges, sheriffs, clerks, and attorneys' time and money.


Digital Signature

In recent years, use of ?digital? or ?electronic? signatures has rapidly increased in an effort to streamline all types of business transactions. There are two types of electronic signatures: those based on a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and those that are not.

In this paper, we will focus on electronic signatures that do use a PKI as these are widely considered to be more secure in the Information Technology community.


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